9 things that annoyed me this week

While I wish I could lead a more easy-going, zen lifestyle, I’m just not wired that way.  I often get annoyed at the most trivial things and even if I ignore them to the best of my ability, they seem to become cumulative.  I miss a turn light  I could totally have made had it not been for the first guy staring at his phone and letting precious seconds of our too short traffic signal waste away.  I miss my train because someone couldn’t walk on the single row escalator at the El platform.  Or I do make the train but had to settle for the crowded last car filled with everyone else who had to walk behind someone who had all the time in the world to catch his train so he watched his phone instead.

Maybe the answer for me is simply blowing off steam and venting my spleen.  Here are 9 things that pissed me off just this last week:


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