Calling all Authors, Writers, Bloggers: Here are some resources you can use

If you are just starting out as a writer, it can be really hard to find good resources. If you do a search on Google (is there any other kind?) you will find lots of people hawking their creative writing class or How to Get a Book Published course, for a nominal fee.  But what if you are just starting out and aren’t ready to shell out big money?

Tool to get you Started

  • The World’s Best Grammer Checker claims it will also check for plagiarism.  It costs to join but could be worth it in the long run.
  • Pictures are worth a 1000 words or at least break up a long blog post.  Here’s a good place to find royalty free ones.  Granted they are rather generic so it is best to use your own. Here is a free online photo editor.
  • Want to write like Hemmingway?  This site will check your text for over complex sentences and excessive use of adverbs, two serious Small Language Crimes.
  • Jade Varden Jade also blogs practical writing tips for authors wanna-be authors every night. She has writing tips, self-publishing tips and promotes her own young adult novels, like Hope’s Rebellion.


Got a book that you want to promote?  Maybe my More Famous Doppelganger John Scalzi will promote it on THE BIG IDEA.  What’s THE BIG IDEA?  It is a regular feature on Whatever, the blog of author John Scalzi, in which authors talk about the central subject of their latest book.  It’s Authors explaining the the big ideas behind their latest works, in their own words.  Works must be published by a third party, i.e., not self-published see Guidelines.

From the catagory of I’m an Over-Achieve:  Patty Kyrlach writes a blog called Stark Raving Mythopath  where she writes Musings about Myth and Meaning and Everyday Mysteries.  And when she’s not busy with that, she is also Director of Communications for the The Writing Academy — which is here and here — a small but personable writer’s group that holds an annual retreat in Minneapolis.

Got any resources you’d care to share?  Share them in the comments.


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