Will the Rapid ever return to Rapid Transit on CTA

One of the many complaints about riding the CTA train lines is that it takes too long to get from Point A to Point B. The El is too “loop-centric”, making travel between different non-loop areas slow and time consuming. This is not a new issue, there have been stories and suggestions for years about how to fix public transportation in Chicago. Basically everyone talks about the CTA but no one ever does anything about it. Here are some older articles with some recommendations and suggestions that range from moderate to extremely ambitious.


  • The Reader came up with this El Fix that would have piggybacked on the Red and Purple Modernization project in 2011. Not sure anything ever came of it, but any piece that uses Sachem in a sentence has to be good.
  • Gaper’s Block tackled another complaint in 2011: The subway/El track layout only services a disproportionate portion of the city, leaving the rest underserved or wholly unserved.
  • Transit Future The campaign includes projects such as bus rapid transit routes and expanding the Red Line’s South Branch. And Maybe. Finally. Getting the Yellow Line to reach Old Orchard Mall — don’t hold you’re breath they’ve been toting that idea since Christ was a Kid.
  • RedEye reports the CTA announced that it plans to create a bypass north of the Belmont station to speed North Side Brown, Red and Purple Line train travel through that area.

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