Shifting Gears: Bones Behind the Wheel is Changing for 2016

As many of you loyal followers may have noticed, I have been quite silent over the past few months. I resisted the urge to launch myself into the middle of the Takata fiasco, GM’s arrogance with regards to recalls and of course- the Dieselgate scandal that rocked VWAG. Although these topics would have given me plenty of fodder to keep me ranting on for a few months, I decided to sit quietly and ponder what I would have achieved by simply going after the easy, low-hanging, fruit?

While I was sitting on the sidelines analyzing the best ways to make Bones Behind the Wheel better, I found my non-blogging life catching up to me rather quickly. Mandatory travel for my biggest client was eating up the majority of my time, relatives and friends from out of state were popping into our home frequently, and then came my wedding day. Before I realized it, July was rapidly upon me and my schedule (and brain) became more scattered than ever. At this point, I was not just frazzled; I was completely stressed and had no time to focus on making Bones Behind the Wheel better for you and for me.

This minor breakdown of my nerves did actually manage to bring forth some good. As a way to keep in shape and in an attempt to clear my mind, I started practicing Krav Maga on a regular basis. This one important change in my life, helped me to not only become a bit of a bad-ass, but it provided me with the clarity and confidence I needed to seek what truly motivates me in my life. As a byproduct of this self-discovery, I found myself mutually parting ways with my biggest (yet demanding) client, embarking on starting up a new company with a trusted friend, and of course- I figured that the best way to save Bones Behind the Wheel was to simply end it in it’s current iteration.

Now don’t get all misty-eyed and start sending the good people at ChicagoNow Catholic mass cards for the dearly departed just yet. What Bones Behind the Wheel is leaving behind is a bit of self-inflated arrogance, overly opinionated writing and a bit of abundance of self-gratification. Needless to say, these are all things better left in the rear view mirror, I assure you. What is coming is a rebirth and re-branding of this blog that promises to take a more objective approach to stories within the automotive industry as a whole, along with sharing stories from fellow motoring enthusiasts. Additionally, I look forward to bringing you more road tests in addition to some live, webcast events as well (my other passion in life).

Starting in 2016, the newly refocused Bones Behind the Wheel will be replaced with Motor-Minded with John Basile. You will still be able to read my old ramblings from Bones Behind the Wheel and in fact- you won’t even have to follow me on a new blog either. This exciting, new change is actually coming to you right here, so be prepared to enjoy this “new” blog along with some great stories. I sincerely look forward to bringing you Motor-Minded and thank you all for being a part of Bones Behind the Wheel all this time. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to all… See you in 2016.

– John “Bones” Basile

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