Fail Friday: Crashing, Flashing and Bashing

Everyone enjoys seeing people succeed, but sometimes success just isn’t amusing. Now every Friday, I will bring you some of the biggest automotive related “fail” videos and/or stories from around the web. So sit back, relish in the misfortune of others and be prepared to feel a little bit better about yourself…

The German police are always the first on the scene of an accident. German Police Getting Bumped

Russian SUV handles like a Panzer tank… in winter. Russian 4×4 Meets Stream

Maybe the truck didn’t see her flashing her headlights? Flash and Crash

At first you don’t succeed, then slide, slide again. Ice Wins, Driver Fails

Who didn’t want to mess with driving instructors like this? He Flunked… But Won

He fought the law… and the law kicked his ass. Ferrari Meets a Flat Foot


Do you have a great “fail” story or video? Share it with me and if it is a big enough failure, I just might feature it in my next Failure Friday.


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