Meet Tom Stanley of High Rise Investments: My Client for Season 2 of The Invested Life

How would you feel if you lost $500,000 in ONE day and later have to deal with reinventing yourself from life after bankruptcy?  Could you imagine what you would have to deal with financially, emotionally and personally?  Well, Tom Stanley persevered and did just that.  Today, he owns High Rise Investments, LLC, a real estate investment firm in the Chicagoland area.  

It is real exciting for me to work together as the financial coach for Tom Stanley and his wife, Kristin.  They have an amazing family raising three kids and we share a lot of the same common personal/financial beliefs together.

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Season 2 of MSN Money’s “The Invested Life” featuring Tom and Kristin Stanley

I can really resonate and empathize with Tom. As you know, I had to deal with my own personal bankruptcy in 1996 before leaving active-duty service in the Marine Corps.  I made some really bad personal decisions getting married early in life and not learning how to handle credit cards. 

Thus, my mess became my message!

Tom is really looking to harvest the cash he has been able to generate owning multiple real estate holdings totaling into the eight-figures…yes, over $20 million is a good ball-park!  He finds himself house rich and cash poor with a desire to diversify more into “different buckets” that help him meet other goals we will identify together.

I look forward to working together with Tom and his family as I coach him up for season 2 of MSN Money’s “The Invested Life” personal finance reality show. 

It’s time to get Money Smart, baby!  Please spread the word via your Facebook and Twitter profiles!!

PS. You can catch back up with season 1 of “The Invested Life” as I coached Tom Forde, an international opera singer, get started with how to handle his personal finances and how he should save and invest.


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