The Invested Life Video Blog #3: Everyone In the Pool

The Invested Life Video Blog #3: Everyone In the Pool

Like investments, things can be acquired cheaper when bought together with other people.  Mutual funds, ETFs and Real Estate Investment Trusts are a good example of that.  But what about things that apply to your daily lifestyle?

In the last episode, my client Tom Forde, skillfully swayed his friends to do a tapas dinner which resulted in less expensive bill. 
Here are a few ways to team up with your friends to have better savings, enjoy your lifestyle and build quality relationships:

Public Transportation or Carpooling
– especially living in a big city, one of my big frustrations is traffic!  I’d rather have someone else deal with that so I can check my email, Facebook and talk football and business with the people around me.  (Let Metra, Pace and CTA do the driving for you!)

Online Coupon Memberships – you can find these for free, online, to receive via email “specials of the day” that offer deep discounts to restaurants, theaters, events and more.  Instead of paying full retail price, you can take the difference to use for other things (such as Groupon, Living Social, etc)

Potluck Meals – at rotating homes every Sunday, we have “Family Night”!  Everyone spends about $10 each bringing arrachera skirt steak, rice, salad, drinks and even German chocolate cake. We end up with plenty of leftovers for the week and bring home plenty of laughs and memories. (My friends on Facebook often see pics I upload during Family Nights…funny comments guys, funny!)

Also, big thanks to all our friends and viewers who have shared these episodes on their Facebook and Twitter profiles!  HUGE THANKS!

You have inspired this saying…

Until we meet again, LIVE smart, LOVE smart and BE Money Smart, TODAY!

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