Know Your Financial System - Video Blog 2

Know Your Financial System - Video Blog 2

My mentor once shared with me, “You are only going to get what your system will deliver.”

SYSTEM is an acronym that I use with coaching that stands for Save, Your-Self, Time, Energy and Money.

Have you ever done something foolish with your money and later regret it?

Our own human nature, our emotions, our feelings cause us to make at times irrational decisions.  Think about it, “We despise stop lights but couldn’t live an orderly society without them!”

Most entrepreneurs and individuals can use a system when they are at a financial crossroads with making money smart decisions. 

Here’s one idea for creating a system:

Establish multiple bank accounts and with today’s modern online banking system, link them all together so you can view them all on one screen.  Each bank account is earmarked for “Buying a New Home” or “Christmas Gifts” or “Vacation in the Philippines” or in Tom’s case “Early Retirement”. 

Everytime you receive your paycheck and follow this system, it keeps you aware of how much you have and how close your getting. You can then rationally say “Yes” or “No” when opportunities (or temptations) approach.

You can rise above overspending, get you closer to your next financial milestone and increase your financial confidence.

Until next time, this is your Money Smart Guy from Chicago…and this is to YOUR success!


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  • Thank you for this. I am going to use that system. It seems smart. Especially for the Christmas Holiday when overspending is the norm. I made it past Christmas without overspending and overspent for New Years. I will recover.

    P.S. I love how you used all Benjamins in that demonstration.

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