Building on a Budget - The Invested Life Season 1 Episode 3

has finally arrived in Santa Fe, New Mexico where he will be performing
at the Santa Fe Opera Company. One of my main financial concerns with Tom was him
sticking to our budgeting system. With Tom being away from home will
he be able to fight his temptations?

According to Tom, his dinners with friends are a way of networking and a way for him to invest towards his career.  Tom utilizes my
coaching guidance by creating and sticking to a budget.  See how Tom shakes
up his friends to keep him from overspending! He definitely stays firm and sticks to
the budgeting advice.  Tom and his colleagues choose a great tapas
restaurant, El Farol, where they stick with Tom’s  budget plan and have fun at the same time!

How long to you think Tom can keep these positive financial habits going?

posted for next week! Tom meets with Ed Butowsky , who outlines a game
plan for investing when you have an unpredictable career.

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