Advice on the Road - The Invested Life Season 1 Episode 2

Advice on the Road - The Invested Life Season 1 Episode 2

On episode 2 of The Invested Life, I wanted to set up a meeting with Tom at my favorite restaurant downtown…Sunda!  I had
a few concerns that I wanted to touch on. With Tom always being in
different parts of the world, Tom is always tempted on going out and
explore. This leaves Tom tempted, to blow off his budget plan. My
question for Tom was “What is you SYSTEM?” (Save Your Self Time Money
& Energy)

life but also think of the future. Make things CLEAR & NEVER
ASSUME!!! As Tom’s father advised him, Tom should start his financial
planning now while he is young and where there is still time for
correction. One of Tom’s main interests were setting up an IRA (Individual Retirement
Accounts). Should he go with a traditional IRA or a tax-advantaged, Roth IRA?

What is
the difference between the two? The Roth IRA is not available for
everybody, although most middle-income people like Tom
will likely find it to their advantage.

What are you thoughts from Tom’s reactions?

Stay posted for next episode as Tom heads out of town with his fellow opera singers…but can he stick to my S.Y.S.T.E.M? 

“When you stick to a financial system, you can stay away from financial problems”


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    This is an ebony article about financial strategies. I saw this when I was grocery shopping. I have to go back and get the magazine. It talks about having a Spending Plan.

    Budget or Spending Plan? Same thing?

    Either way, I need a plan.

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