Matt Sapaula Co-Hosts as Financial Coach for MSN Money's The Invested Life

Matt Sapaula Co-Hosts as Financial Coach for MSN Money's The Invested Life

Big news!  Throughout the summer, I have been in production filming a
new online reality show around the areas of personal finance, saving and
investing.  For three seasons, I will co-host a very unique, personal finance reality show called The Invested Life on MSN Money,
sponsored by TD Ameritrade.  They have taken seven independent financial
experts from seven cities: Denver, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami,
Portland, New York and of course, Chicago!  Our role is to serve as a
financial coach to a client assigned to us during each season.  You’ll
be able to watch and learn from both perspectives, between a financial coach and
a client, how the process of dealing with personal financial issues are
managed and discussed.

I really excited because it’s a unique
way to reach and help investors when they need it the most.  Many people
feel financially confused, isolated and somewhat powerless.  This will
help more people take control of their financial futures.  It is
relatable, educational, innovative and real time!

I’ve been a huge advocate of increasing financial literacy
in our community for years. My involvement in this personal finance
reality show gives me a greater platform to teach and educate so that
many more people can make wiser financial decisions…I’m FIRED UP! And I
hope you are too!  Ironically as it may sound, money is far more than
just a logical, mathematical process.  Money issues are one of the
deepest, darkest things many people like to hide or talk least about.  I
hope that you get to learn from this reality show how to better handle
financial scenarios in dealing with retirement, taxes, real estate,
managing debt, saving for college and of course, investing!

New episodes will air every other Monday night, followed by video blogs from me in between.  I will post them all the “webisodes” here as well.

In the meantime, I look forward to having us share and discuss the topic of becoming more MONEY SMART throughout the season! 

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