Finding a Voice - The Invested Life Season 1 Episode 1

Finding a Voice - The Invested Life Season 1 Episode 1

the first time as a financial coach, I have an opera singer as a new client. Tom Forde is a University of Illinois grad and
from the Northwest suburbs of Chicago. My biggest concern
while getting to know him while strolling through Millennium Park was protecting his #1 asset, which is his
voice.  His voice is what brings the money to his bank accounts.

As his life continues to unfold before him, how does his financial life continue to evolve? With Tom constantly being on the road traveling to New Mexico
and then to Zurich for the next 15 months, it is important for him to start
budgeting and start investing. NO BUDGET equals NO GOAL.

Tom wants to take advantage of this
opportunity in his career to invest towards the future. Will he
triumph during his youth and unpredictable career path to forge new investment
opportunities? I’m glad to be his financial coach and help him become more adventurous as an inventor.  Having the right attitude and the
ability to want to grow, involve, and change will get us to the next level of his success. 

Let season one begin!  I hope you enjoy!!

Next episode – Advice on the Road 

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