If Rahm goes on to become a TV pundit, there really is something wrong with this country

If Rahm goes on to become a TV pundit, there really is something wrong with this country
Rahm, smack in the middle on "This Week"

I knew this was coming.

People kept telling me Tiny Dancer made an appearance on this Sunday morning show.  And that Sunday morning show.  And finally I saw him myself on a Sunday morning show.

As a member of This Week with George Stephanopolous’ Round Table.  He had nothing interesting to say. And it was hard to make out what he was saying anyway.  He was a mush mouth.  And he had muddled thinking.

And then it hit me.  He wants to be a pundit now that he’s leaving the city that can’t stand him.  He’s trying out.

What exactly does he have to offer?  He made a fool out of our City for eight years.  And now he’s going to pontificate on everything for everyone? Like some brainiac who’s going to tell the rest of us what to think? Because he knows the score so well?

But apparently that’s what he’s trying to do, according to various reports like this one and this one and this one and this one and this one and this one. With his icky past connections to CNN, not to mention his relationship with George Stephanopolous–they were both Clintonistas–I guess the TV world is now his oyster.  He’s going to sic himself on us in our homes, unless we grab the clicker and turn him off.

Do these networks know that he tried to keep secret a videotape of a Chicago cop shooting a kid 16 times in the back (the cop was recently convicted of murder)–and had the city pay off his negligent mother to the tune of $5 million to keep her quiet about it–so this monstrous scandal wouldn’t keep him from getting re-elected four years ago?

Do the TV people  know he’s a bully, a liar, feckless and reckless?  All of which you can read about here in a special series of posts I wrote when he ran for reelection four years ago.  And here, too, in several other posts on my blog going back to 2012.

He left a mess in Chicago.  He didn’t fix anything–from our debt to our corruption.  It’s all still here.  And now he’s moving on like a big shot?

But then, the TV couldn’t wait to have an idiot like Elliot Spitzer on to share his political knowledge after he had to resign his New York Governorship for cavorting with prostitutes.

The same sort of prostitutes he was prosecuting when he was Attorney General.

And they loved having that crackpot Anthony Weiner on, too!  Because he was so brilliant?  So brilliant that he kept exposing his privates to women on social media until the feds convicted him for exposing himself to an underage girl while his toddler son lay next to him.  He’s in the clink as we speak.  But not for much longer.  I suspect cable will invite him back for some  more political chatter when he gets out.

Because he’s so smart.

They want ratings and I guess people like tuning in to watch perverts and crooks who don’t know what they’re talking about.  Phonies, failures and frauds.

And, like Rahm, they often try out while they still have their politically elected jobs.  I kept seeing the Attorney General of Florida on as a talking head the last several months, spouting off about every legal issue that was in the news.  I asked my cousin in Florida if, how and when her AG was serving the people.

“Term limits,” she answered.

I got it.  (And so did the news in Florida….)  She didn’t want to wait until her term was up to apply for a new job.  Ethical or not.  Since she couldn’t run again, she didn’t need to earn her money anymore and serve the people.

And I guess Rahm doesn’t have to anymore either.

Not that he ever did.

Postscript:  As of May 21, Emanuel got two jobs:  writing for The Atlantic; and political commentator  on ABC News.  My questions:  who will be doing the ghost-writing for The Atlantic?  And what new ambitions will he have that he can commentate/lie his way to?  I hear he wants to be UN ambassador.  No joke.

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