Outlander Review: The Fox's Lair

Outlander Review: The Fox's Lair

Spoiler Alert: Do not read if you haven’t seen Outlander Season 2, Ep. 8 – “The Fox’s Lair.”

For months The Frasers attempted to thwart history in Paris and walked away with nothing. They return to Scotland and almost instantly succeed in doing just that. Of course, the way that they’re attempting to alter history has changed completely. No longer do they think that can stop the rebellion, now they think they can win it.

The Frasers are rather foolish people.

The return to Scotland was littered with many familiar faces, from Jenny, Ian and Colum (yay!) to Laoghaire (boo) and also a few new ones. Namely, Lord Lovat, Jamie’s grandfather and the titular fox of this week’s episode. Claire and Jamie’s mission this week was to convince this head of the Fraser clan to support the Jacobite Rebellion, which they themselves had been forced into supporting.

However, Colum Mackenzie was also around attempting to keep Lord Lovat neutral. So, it all came down to who could be more persuasive; Colum with his reasonable logic or The Frasers with their seductive kitchen maids and faux visions. And for all the drama that played out due to the struggle, Lovat made the most sensible decision of all; he chose to protect himself on both ends. He signed the neutrality agreement with Colum and also sent his men with his son Simon to fight with the Jacobites. Lord Lovat might be the smartest character we’ve met yet.

So, in theory The Frasers have succeeded in securing more men to fight with Prince Charles. However, and correct me if I’m wrong, the Jacobites don’t los the rebellion because they don’t have enough men. They lose because they sent in farmers and blacksmiths to fight against trained soldiers serving in the most powerful army of the time.

And, even if I have no idea why the Jacobite rebellion failed (which I certainly don’t) the fact remains that we know the British will still win the Battle of Culloden. So really, all Jamie and Claire have succeeded in is sending more men to their deaths.

Speaking of The Fraser’s poor foresight, I think it is a very bad idea to embrace this rumor that Claire is a witch, white or not. She’s already been tried and found guilty of this exact crime. The only reason she didn’t burn is that Geillis saved her. By perpetuating these stories Claire is only strengthening her enemies.

Enemies such as Laoghaire, who most certainly has not devoted her life to God. Her life, it seems, will always be devoted to getting Jamie away from Claire; a feat that seems all the easier now that there are several dozen witnesses to Claire’s witchcraft.

The Frasers may think they’re luck is on an upswing, but from where I’m sitting they are only moments away from utter destruction. Then again, when aren’t they?


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