Scandal Recap: Buckle Up

Scandal Recap: Buckle Up

Spoiler Alert: Do not read if you haven’t seen Scandal Season 5, Ep. 19 – “Buckle Up.”

“Nobody in this room can judge. I mean, who amongst us hasn’t gone over the edge and killed somebody once… or even twice?”  — Quinn

Who would have thought that an election run by petulant children would be the most realistic storyline in Scandal history? Watching Olivia and Abby stomp their feet and try to one up each other within the context of an actual primary that has devolved into name calling and increasingly personal attacks makes this entertainment all the more grating. In a non-election year I might be on the edge of my seat cheering on Olivia (but certainly not Abby, no matter how much I prefer Susan), but instead all I can do is shrug at these shenanigans. Yep, that all sounds about right.

God, I miss The West Wing.

Anyway, this week all the republican nominees were concerned with winning an endorsement from the Governor of Florida (played by the incomparable Annie Potts) and thus ensuring the substantial amount of Florida delegates. But winning that endorsement was easier said than done. Mellie got caught in Olivia and Abby’s standoff and barely made it to the dinner, Susan’s endorsement hinged on David dropping an investigation into the governor’s sugar interests and Hollis is just a pain in the ass. Annie Potts doesn’t have time for that.

In the end, Susan resigned herself to the fact that she wouldn’t get the endorsement because she couldn’t ask David, nor was he willing, to sacrifice his ethics. So, she did the most Susan Ross thing and told Annie Potts off for her big business blind spot. And she still managed to win the nomination! The charm of Susan Ross is all-powerful—

What’s that? She only won because David did agree to drop the case? Even though his refusal to do so reminded Susan of what a good man he is and set them down an adorable path to reconciliation? Dammit, Rosen, you ruin everything.

Of course it didn’t even matter because Hollis won the Florida primary. Which, again, might have been more entertaining if it didn’t ring so depressingly true.

On the democratic side things, Alex Vargas was still hard at work trying to oust Cyrus from his brother’s right side. Unfortunately, he’s pretty bad at knowing his brother. Perhaps if he came up with ideas that didn’t include exploiting his brother’s dying daughter Freddie might be more inclined to listen to him. As it happened, Alex was sure that Michael was the key to bringing down Cyrus. Alex is also really bad at understanding how to bring down Cyrus. Although, so far there has been no one particularly skilled in that area.

Of course Alex’s plan to catch Cyrus resulted in Freddie firing Alex instead. Cyrus is just that good. Alex may be a major league player in the game scheming and lying, but Cyrus can’t belong to a league because there is no one able to play at his level.

Elsewhere, the staff of OPA continued to worry about their boss’ mental state. Mostly because she was acting like a lunatic. Everyone assumed Olivia was upset about smashing a man’s face in because most normal people would be a bit troubled by that, but Olivia Pope has found that a good face smashing is the secret to a solid night’s sleep. No, she’s upset that her father threatened to kill a man she sometimes thinks she loves if she attempts to stop him from becoming the vice president. Which admittedly does seem more troubling when she phrases it than when I do.

And, as much as I want to commend Olivia on verbalizing her fears and seeking help, if Huck is the one providing the counseling, I don’t have much faith in a recovery by the season finale.

Bonus Quote of the Week: “Now, you know me, lovers of liberty. I’d just as soon be shot in the face with a canon on my birthday than be tagged as some kind of a… feminist.” — Sally Langston


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