Better Call Saul Review: Nailed

Better Call Saul Review: Nailed

Spoiler Alert: Do not read if you haven’t seen Better Call Saul Season 2, Ep. 9 – “Nailed.”

“I know he’s not perfect. I know he cuts corners. But you’re the one who made him this way.” — Kim

Last week I talked a lot about the various paths the characters of Better Call Saul have chosen for themselves and how, even without the insight given to us from Breaking Bad, it should be clear most of these people aren’t setting themselves up for success. This week that point was underlined. And bolded. And put in all caps. At almost every turn people were coming fact to face with the consequences of their choices.

After a lifetime of condescending and belittling, Jimmy finally got a small, unseen revenge when his transposing trick resulted in Chuck’s utter humiliation in court and Mesa Verde leaving HHM for Kim. Of course, no one knows you like family, and Chuck almost immediately figured out what had happened. Also, when your mind operates at that level of crazy its easier to see the crazy all around you.

And all that crazy worked in Jimmy’s favor because however right Chuck was in his assessment, it still sounded like the insane ramblings of a wannabe Bond villain. Yes, ultimately Kim does know that Jimmy forged documents to ensure her a client, but thanks to Chuck’s previous involvement in demoting her she wasn’t too inclined to care.

Instead she perfectly verbalized the dynamic between Chuck and Jimmy. Yes, Jimmy isn’t perfect, but almost everything he has done has been in effort to earn Chuck’s respect, which Chuck refuses to give. But even that truth bomb didn’t waver Chuck’s resolution to catch his brother in this lie. A resolution that resulted in Chuck getting so agitated and angry he ignored his physical symptoms until he passed out, smacking his head on a counter pretty hard on the way down.

Once again Jimmy’s lie has caused much more damage than intended, but that lie was necessitated by Chuck’s underhanded dealings with Kim resulting from his insistence to keep his brother down. An insistence that drives Jimmy to take larger and larger risks to win respect… And around and around the vicious cycle continues.

Meanwhile Mike continued to repeat his own cycles, namely refusing to pull the trigger. He managed a masterful rip-off of Hector’s drug money, which is made even more impressive by the fact he didn’t spill any blood. However the people he’s targeting have no such qualms. By leaving the driver alive, he allowed the scene to be discovered by a passerby, who was then quickly killed simply because they had seen too much. And it’s not looking too good for the driver either when he’ll be unable to give Hector any more information on how a quarter million was stolen.

Mike claimed he was done with Hector, but he doesn’t much like when innocent people get killed, especially if he feels like he could have prevented it and Hector has to end up in that wheelchair somehow…


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