Scandal Recap: The Fish Rots From the Head

Scandal Recap: The Fish Rots From the Head

Spoiler Alert: Do not read if you haven’t seen Scandal Season 5, Ep. 13 – “The Fish Rots From the Head.”

“Who doesn’t want to be on TV?” — Cyrus

This, my dears, was a quintessential placeholder episode. In other words, not much happened. And the only things that did happen were merely in service to some bigger payoff down the road. So lets examine where things have been placed for now.

After sinking to new levels of gross Fitz finally realized that he has a country to run. Of course he has that same epiphany about every five episodes so we’ll see how long this one sticks.

Cyrus is just as twisted as he’s always been. It says a lot about his character that lying about a disabled brother in order to manipulate a man into running for president rather than spend time with his dying daughter barely rates on the list of terrible things Cyrus has done.

Mellie picked cover B.

Susan Ross continues to be the clear leader for anyone with a heart, but she also continues to be completely manipulated by David and Liz. And it continues to be gross. I can only hope that this is leading to a climax wherein Susan discovers the deception and it motivates her to fight even harder and win the nomination.

I have never been Team Jake so I would be interested to hear from some that are/were about their thoughts on his new turn. Personally, I can’t see a defense for his creepy, Edward Cullen style sleep lurking, but perhaps there is an argument for it. I’d love to hear it. Also, he is now engaged to his mark, I mean, girlfriend. Only good can come of this, I’m sure.

And finally, Olivia. I’m gonna have to agree with Quinn on this one; Olivia is not on top of her game. Maybe she misses the power of the White House. Maybe she doesn’t know how to live outside of a love triangle. Or maybe she just doesn’t like covering up hooker deaths. Perhaps we’ll never know the real cause, but it will be interesting to see what pulls her out of this funk. Will it be Fitz? Jake? Some crisis that only she cane solve? Here’s hoping it’s the latter.

Final Thought: As messed up as the Scandal-verse is, consider how much preferable it is compared to our actual current presidential nominees. Sad, right?


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