Scandal Recap: I See You

Scandal Recap: I See You

Spoiler Alert: Do not read if you haven’t seen Scandal Season 5, Ep. 14 – “I See You.”

“He was watching his kid play a soccer game. I didn’t think it was a big deal. I also didn’t know he was a government trained assassin. “ — Marcus

I think I’ve figured out the state of mind with which this season of Scandal was written. Clearly, the weekend before this last batch of episodes were due the writers got sucked into one of those Lord of the Rings marathons on TNT. With no work done and nothing but Frodo filling their minds, they clearly took the idea of the ring said, hey rings are almost ovals and then just stole the whole idea. I mean, how else do you explain the usually rational (for this group, anyway) Abby suddenly licking her lips and wringing her hands in glee at the thought of inching closer to the power of the Oval Office?

So yeah, Abby tattled on Cyrus for working with Vargas and that somehow made her qualified for his job. I’m pretty sure that’s not how any of this works, but I’ve given up on holding Scandal to an expectation of reality. The bottom line is, Abby is now running the show and Cyrus is free to create a new show that he’ll inevitably run better. Oh, and also, Fitz remains embarrassingly easy to manipulate.

Meanwhile, Olivia began this episode determined to find out what Jake is up to with his fiancé. Then she ended the episode… determined to find out what Jake is up to with his fiancé. This is going to tedious if we have to watch her re-remember what she already figured out every episode.

In other redundancy news, Huck is still a sociopath and the rest of his co-workers are still entirely too okay with that. I mean honestly, he kidnapped an innocent man with the intent to kill him and everyone’s just like, oh yeah, you should stop stalking your family maybe. Whenever you’re ready, though. Huck needs serious, serious help, but OPA is nothing but a bunch on enablers. Funny enough, when Quinn flipped out over Olivia’s lack of maternal support in recent weeks she didn’t mention that part.

Side note; was everyone aware that Olivia was only kidnapped for a week? It definitely seemed longer. Also, how long is that kidnapped card gonna get her out of being generally bad at what she used to be the best at? Especially if she was only kidnapped a week. Suck it up, woman.

Final Thought: Now that Scandal has injected a pseudo-Trump into the storyline, can the real election get a Susan Ross?


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