Quantico Recap: Clear

Quantico Recap: Clear

Spoiler Alert: Do not read if you haven’t seen Quantico Season 1 Episode 13 – “Clear.”

“Croatia is none of your business.”  — Shelby

Quantico sure doesn’t make it easy on a gal looking to list potential terrorist suspects. This week gave us very little new information traitor-wise. Instead we got extensive training flashbacks featuring Shelby’s constant quest to be scammed, more information on Liam’s mission gone wrong and further proof that everyone is in love with Alex all the time. As if we needed more proof on that last front.

In the present day timeline, Alex ran around trying to disarm the bomb strapped to Natalie without using any FBI resources to actually remove the bomb or trace the caller. Seriously, if the real terrorist (or terrorists) were watching Alex and Natalie, which they clearly were, and they didn’t detonate the second they walked into FBI headquarters that seems like the green light to get the FBI involved. Silver lining, it might also convince people you aren’t lying about a terrorist still on the loose.

But they didn’t do that. Instead they handed over classified information and Natalie god killed anyway. Oops!

Potential Terrorists: The (Very) Short List

Natalie Vasquez – Ok, hear me out. This is television and in television, no body usually means not dead. Once Alex left the building Natalie could have easily ran out and then detonated the bomb. What makes a girl look more innocent than getting killed?

Liam O’Conner – He already killed Football Kid’s girlfriend why not also be a terrorist? Plus he clearly feels spurned by Alex, which would give him reason to frame her. It’s not the most solid evidence, but there wasn’t much to work with this week.

Raina Amin – Sure, she could just be (another) red herring, but it certainly isn’t looking too good for the so-called good twin. She’s lying to her sister, skipping exercises and meeting up with strange men in strange houses. Granted in most cases this would be evidence of an affair, not terrorist activity, but in this world any suspicious behavior could be potentially treasonous.

Did I leave anyone off? Probably, but let me know specifics in the comments and don’t miss last week’s list!


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