Quantico Recap: Alex

Quantico Recap: Alex

Spoiler Alert: Do not read if you haven’t seen Quantico Season 1, Ep. 12 – “Alex.”

“Ok, well you’re on my team for trivia night, but that’s it.” — Caleb

Quantico came back this week, but rather than throwing us back into the mayhem of the second bombing that ended the midseason, we were thrust three months into the future. Alex is now a free woman, but she’s also the only person convinced that Elias was telling the truth when he claimed a larger force was at play in the bombings.

Really, saying she’s the only believer is putting it mildly. In fact, everyone is so convinced that Elias acted alone they went so far as to effectively disown Alex and call her sanity into question. Kinda like the way they treated her when she claimed she wasn’t a terrorist. She’s like the Jessica Fletcher of terrorism.

Of course by the end of the hour she was proven right because otherwise there would be no show. So, let’s get to the list. This week the list of potential suspects will be overwhelmingly feminine because I’m no FBI voice descrambler, but that voice sounded distinctly female.

Potential Terrorists:

Shelby Wyatt – All the flashback scenes centered on Shelby’s sister/con artist contact in the Middle East, which still feels distinctly like a red herring, but in the present day timeline she’s overly aggressive about Alex’s culpability in her public disgrace. Maybe it doesn’t make her a terrorist, but it does make her a bad friend. You made your adulterous bed, you lie in it.

Natalie Vasquez – Sure, she ended the episode with a bomb strapped to her, but it could all be part of the plan. What could make you look more innocent than strapping a bomb onto yourself? I don’t trust it.

Raina Amin – In the flashbacks Raina showed up her sister and got Charlie to tell her the names of the Islamic extremists who kidnapped him. But then she failed to pass that information along the actual FBI and instead contacted them on her own. Not a good sign.

Claire Haas – Claire didn’t do anything to look guilty this week because she didn’t actually do anything other than sit quietly and not react to courtroom drama. But the fact remains that she benefitted the most from this turn of events. In one fatal swoop she got rid of her philandering husband and created good PR for herself for her run as vice president. Of course, they kept driving home the point that the terrorist is someone from Alex’s class at Quantico. So maybe Claire is working with someone else. She and Shelby did look pretty cozy before the break….

Final Thought: If the FBI has the technology to descramble phone messages, couldn’t we have saved a whole lot of time and resources and just done that from the beginning?


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