How to Get Away with Murder Recap: Something Bad Happened

How to Get Away with Murder Recap: Something Bad Happened

Spoiler Alert: Do not read if you haven’t seen How to Get Away with Murder Season 2, Ep. 13 – “Something Bad Happened.”

“It’d be a pretty lame sleepover without pizza bites.” — Asher

Last week I skipped my usual weekly review of How to Get Away with Murder because I just couldn’t bring myself to write 400 odd words saying all the same things I always say about the mess HTGAWM has become. I still kinda can’t, but I’m gonna try. For you. I’m a giver.

Currently Keating and co. are facing a multitude of problems. So, lets break them down one by one. Maybe that will make them more interesting.

Keating and Co. vs. Phillip Jessup: There’s still a murderer (not a serial killer, no matter how many times these supposed law students want to call him that) stalking down Annalise and her minions. To be fair, they did set him up for a murder and an attempted murder that he had nothing to with. On the other hand, he did torture and kill two separate, innocent people. But, regardless of the threat he poses, I don’t quite see how staying together is helpful. He wants to kill all of you. Perhaps it would be smarter to make that a little bit harder for him. Personally, I don’t know why they aren’t all making like Conner and applying to transfer.

Murder Squad vs. Each Other: Yes, these kids are under immense amounts of stress. One, because of the aforementioned psychopath hell-bent on killing them and two, because they keep murdering people and covering it up. Either way, these kids get increasingly terrible to each other with each passing episode. Bitchy comments can be fun, but they become less fun when it’s the only way people communicate. Also, the way these kids are talking to Annalise is ridiculous. Not only does she command more respect just by being a general badass, she also continually helps them literally get away with murder. Maybe take out your whiny aggression on someone else.

Annalise vs. The Past: We got so many flashbacks this week! We’ll get to the Wes part in a second, but the Annalise part offered a little less in the way of surprises. She’s always been a manipulative bitch who uses people for her own agenda and only fakes guilt over that to illicit empathy that enables her to continually get away with it. But isn’t that why we love her?

Ten years ago Annalise enlisted help from Eve to force Wes’ mom, Rose, into testifying for her client. Rose was not feeling the whole “testify or else we’ll deport you” thing, though. She played along and then planned to flee. But little Wes wasn’t feeling that. He ran, Rose went after him, Annalise showed up and told Rose about the threats against Christophe/Wes, so Rose slit her throat. Yeah, she doesn’t have the clearest thinking patterns. Either way, she killed herself, Wes had nothing to with it and Annalise was only minimally involved.

But now Wes is onto Eve’s involvement and Philip is onto Annalise. Plus, next week we get to find out what happened to Annalise’s baby. My money is still on she killed him. Feel free to place your own bets below.


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