Better Call Saul Review: Gloves Off

Better Call Saul Review: Gloves Off

Spoiler Alert: Do not read if you haven’t seen Better Call Saul Season 2, Ep. 4 – “Gloves Off.”

“Life is not one big game of Let’s Make a Deal.” — Chuck

                                                                                     “Yes it is!” — Jimmy

Last week we examined the different personal moral codes of these two protagonists; Jimmy and Mike. This week, both men dealt with the collateral damage from operating outside the norm.

The partners were not thrilled with Jimmy’s decision to go rogue by creating and airing a commercial without approval. In fact, they were ready to fire him over it. But, Jimmy being Jimmy, he managed to talk his way out of it. Kim wasn’t so lucky. As she warned, her endorsement of Jimmy means that his failures are hers. So, while Jimmy suffered little to no consequences for his actions, Kim was relegated to doc review.

Of course her punishment might not have been as harsh if Chuck hadn’t gotten involved. Leaving his home causes him physical pain, yet he still makes a point to come into the office anytime Jimmy’s name is even mentioned. When confronted Chuck assumed the moral high ground, refusing to extort Jimmy, Kim’s position in exchange for Jimmy giving up the law. But that moral high ground is as real as his aversion to technology. Regardless of his claims that Jimmy’s tendency to lie is on par with alcoholism, it still doesn’t excuse his treatment of Kim. If a man has a drinking problem you don’t punish his wife to make him quit.

Meanwhile, Mike’s collateral damage was his poor face. As suspected, Nacho wanted Mike to kill off Tuco, his crazy, coked out partner. Mike agreed to consider it but fans of Breaking Bad (aka the entire audience) knew there was going to be some sort of hiccup to that plan.

The hiccup turned out to be that darn moral code Mike has created for himself. He decided that killing Tuco would only create more problems for Nacho. Instead he devised an igneous plan to get Tuco arrested without involving Nacho. The only downside was that he had to take one hell of a beating to pull it off. Here’s hoping $25,000 can buy a decent house for Stacey and Kaylee because I don’t think Mike’s face can handle much more.


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