How to Get Away with Murder Recap: She Hates Us

How to Get Away with Murder Recap: She Hates Us

Spoiler Alert: Do not read if you haven’t seen How to Get Away with Murder Season 2, Ep. 11 – “She Hates Us.”

“If they believe the inbred trash over us then we deserve to go down for this.” — Annalise

God, these people are awful. I mean truly, truly awful people. Sure, most people wouldn’t fare too well set against a mother forgiving the man who killed her son in cold blood, but even without these comparisons the Keating 5 take the cake when it comes to reprehensible human beings.

Wes ended up in a psych ward because he absolutely needed to be there and the rest of the gang acted like he was trapped in a Russian gulag for 20 years. And not out of any sort of concern for his well being, of course not. They were concerned that he would crack under the pressure and confess to their myriad of criminal acts.

And when they weren’t worrying about they’re own safety or standing around complaining about how lame their colleague is for mourning his dead father while also dealing with being a murderer, they were focusing all of their misplaced anger towards Annalise. You know, the woman who protected them for killing her husband and was recently shot.

Yes, Annalise is a difficult woman and she doesn’t fare that much better on the “good person” scale. So it really makes you realize how terrible these kids are to make her look like a sympathetic character. Without ever talking to Annalise or considering things from her point of view, each member of the Keating 5 made up their own rationalizations for her actions and then condemned her for them. How dare she let Wes suffer in the psych ward? How dare she ask that they do their damn jobs as her interns? How dare she want to take a nap AFTER SHE’S BEEN SHOT!!

Yes, killing and framing other people for those killings make a good enough case for them being horrible human beings, but as was pointed out in this episode, anyone can make a mistake. But the way they act outside of those criminal acts, the entitlement and the attitudes and the sheer delusions that they are better than the murderers they represent… They don’t care that they covered up a murder or framed someone else. They only care that their feelings are being ignored.

It’s disgusting and it’s hard to determine what we’re supposed to take away from it. I don’t need characters to be likeable to watch a show, but could they at least be interesting (a la Annalise) in their unlikeability? Is that too much to ask? Apparently.

Oh and now Philip is back and blackmailing Keating and Co. because he’s a cold-blooded killer and they’re the victims. Don’t ever forget that.


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