Better Call Saul Review: Switch

Better Call Saul Review: Switch

Spoiler Alert: Do not read if you haven’t seen Better Call Saul Season 2, Ep. 1 – “Switch.”

“Yeah, well, I know what stopped me. And you know what? It’s never stopping me again.” — Jimmy

Not much has changed since we left Jimmy McGill last season. Mostly because in the narrative timeline its only been about day. Still, Jimmy was more determined than ever to be true to himself and his true self is a grade A grifter.

After roping Kim into a night of swindling a scuzzy stockbroker, Jimmy wistfully considered how idyllic it would be to swindle full time. Kim agreed but quickly pointed out that it was not possible. Jimmy agreed, but he clearly didn’t mean it. For all of Kim’s pressing and Jimmy’s shrugging it off that was the plan: to revert back to conning full time.

And its not as if its an impossible dream. He’s really rather gifted at lying his way into profits. But, the episode began with Jimmy asking Kim if his taking the job with the law firm would impact their relationship. She said no. He said no to the job. He went back to conning. She joined him for one night. Then she stopped answering his calls.

It’s not hard to figure out why he reconsidered his position and accepted the job. Kim had fun with him for the night, but she would never put up with him if he made it a habit. At this point, still rocked by the death of his friend and former partner, Jimmy is dedicated to making the most of his life. He’s not going to leave a million dollars sitting on the table again, literally or metaphorically. And right now, his goal is Kim.

So, he took the job at the law firm, but he still can’t help himself from breaking the rules. It may just be flipping a light switch now, but it’s clear that the road ahead will be paved with ignored conventions. Obviously, we know that he eventually marries his two selves, the criminal and the lawyer, but for now it’s just about the journey.

In other news, why does everyone have to learn the hard way to just listen to Mike?


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