Quantico Recap: God

Quantico Recap: God

Spoiler Alert: Do not read if you haven’t seen Quantico Season 1, Ep. 6 – “God.”

“Let me guess, we’ll be surveying each other, secrets will be revealed and lessons will be learned.” — Caleb

This week the NATS learned about the advantages of surveillance while in the present day Alex got to utilize those skills in clearing her own name. Isn’t that just a lovely coincidence? But there’s no time to breakdown the odds such a coincidence will happen again because we have potential terrorists to rank!

Terrorist Suspects:

Ryan/Natalie – At this point I’m ruling these two out (almost) completely. Natalie is too committed to investigating Alex to be faking her suspicions and Booth is too committed to helping Alex escape. However it is interesting to note that Ryan’s type might just be whoever is closest at any given time.

Simon Asher – For the first time all season this episode didn’t go out of its way to make Simon look guilty. I suspect that all the early suspicion thrown on him was a red herring.

Caleb Haas – Last week it didn’t look too good for Caleb, but after this week he falls towards the bottom on this list of potential suspects. Yes, he requested to be transferred to New York prior to the attack, but only so he could spy on his father and catch him in an affair (more on that later). The only mark against him is that he really didn’t take his job monitoring the security feeds very seriously. He mostly used it to spy on his dad and delete family drama. However he also clearly had prior knowledge about some other NAT graduates coming through Grand Central two days before the attack…

Naima/Raina – We finally got a glimpse of the twins post Quantico flashbacks… and they were at Grand Central before the bombing. Granted, with every passing week it becomes clear that half the graduating class was at Grand Central so its hardly solid evidence. The biggest reveal came in the flashbacks when Simon discovered the twin twist. He didn’t take it well mostly because Naima and Raina did not handle it well. Clearly the secret becomes common enough knowledge that both Alex and Shelby call them the twins when they see them on the security footage. It hardly makes them terrorists, but it is shady.

Shelby Wyatt – Ok, so the big news with Shelby this week is that she’s having an affair with Caleb’s dad; which is gross and tacky, but hardly the behavior of a cold-blooded killer. However, it also means that her previous alibi of being out of the country no longer stands. Not only was she in New York at the time of the attack, she was at Grand Central in the days leading up to it. And she lied about it. Not a great sign.

Liam O’Connor – Liam didn’t do much more to make me think he’s the mastermind, but he also didn’t do anything to make me stop thinking that he totally is. Alex found out about his operation (because it wouldn’t be a lesson about surveillance without a major secret being overheard) and his immediate reaction was to call up Caleb’s dad a.k.a. his boss. Perhaps this Alex frame-up runs even higher than Liam…

Charlie Price – Here’s a wacky thought, maybe the terrorist isn’t an actual NAT, just someone who would have had access to Quantico. Maybe someone with a history of working with terrorist organizations. Maybe someone who would want the Quantico training facility to look as bad as possible. Or maybe not. But it’s certainly not out of the question.


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