Series Premiere: The Grinder Review

Series Premiere: The Grinder Review

FOX really upped their comedy game this season. After hitting it out of the park with Grandfathered, they followed it up with The Grinder, another solid sitcom. Now, The Grinder might not have the same heart as Grandfathered, but it does boast its own, unique draw: the comedic stylings of Savage and Lowe.

The premise of The Grinder is somewhat irrelevant, really. Beloved TV lawyer Dean Sanderson (Rob Lowe) moves back home to act as a lawyer beside his brother, Stewart (Fred Savage), who is actually a lawyer. Funny enough premise, but not really the point.

The point is Rob Lowe and Fred Savage are a great comedy duo. After years in dramas, Lowe proved he had comedic chops in Parks and Rec. He brings those same traits to The Grinder, but is also half as annoying. Fred Savage, on the other had, has laid low after carving out a place in all of America’s heart as Kevin Arnold in The Wonder Years. And in those intervening years, he stayed just as adorable and became twice as funny.

The pilot was decent enough. It did the job of introducing the premise and, more importantly, its leading men. It’s hard to say what the rest of the cast will bring to the table because there simply wasn’t time in the pilot to let them shine. The show lives and dies with its leads and the important thing was to let them sell the show. And they did.

Between this, Grandfathered and Scream Queens, FOX has created an extremely solid comedy block on a night without much else competition. Plus, The Grinder is the perfect bridge between the sweet family sitcom of Grandfathered and the campy satire of Scream Queens. Look out guys, FOX isn’t messing around.

Final Verdict: You can’t miss the bridge! That’s the best part! Well, at least the third best part.

*The Grinder airs Tuesdays at 6:30/7:30c on FOX. 


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