Series Premiere: Minority Report Review

Series Premiere: Minority Report Review

First things first, I went into watching Minority Report as a pretty big fan of the movie. And I don’t know if that helped our hurt in my overall assessment. Or perhaps it didn’t effect it all. It stunk pretty bad all on its own.

For those who haven’t seen the movie (which you should definitely watch), the premise of the show is that, in the year 2054 there was a law enforcement branch known as Precrime that stopped murders before they happened thanks to the shared visions of three siblings known as pre-cogs. After the events of the movie, (which I will not spoil because you really need to see it if haven’t already), the Precime division was disbanded and the pre-cogs were sent to an island to live out their lives while murderers got to return to actually committing crimes instead of just thinking about it.

And that is where the series Minority Report picks up, with one of the pre-cogs, Dash (Stark Sands), returning to the city in an attempt to use his visions to save the victims. Unfortunately, his visions are incomplete without the help of his twin brother, Arthur (Nick Zano), to provide the names and addresses.

Side Note: With the casting of Wilmer Valdarrama and Nick Zano, I almost wonder if this wasn’t meant to be a comedy at some point. Because honestly, there is no other explanation that makes sense to me. However, I will admit that the 14 year-old girl inside me did get a little excited when Nick Zano showed up. What I Like About You Love 4 Life! End Side Note.

See that above here? Minus my little rant about aughties teen stars, that is two whole paragraphs just to explain the premise. Yeesh. Plus, when we get past the premise and the all the futuristic fun; its just another crime drama and a mediocre one at that.

Sands and Meagan Goode have no chemistry as partners or as characters meant to entertain. Sands played his naïveté over the top and Goode came across way too aggressively. In short, they attempted to replicate the roles from the movie with the genders flipped and no other characterization provided. This wouldn’t have worked on a lot of levels, but the most obvious being that Meagan Goode is no Tom Cruise.

Is it unfair to compare a network drama pilot to a Steven Spielberg feature film? Probably. But, if the creators didn’t want those comparisons they should have tweaked the premise and rebranded it as something new. Called it Person of Interest or something like that… oh wait.

Final Verdict: Just watch the movie. Seriously. Watch it.

*Minority Report airs Mondays at 9/8c on FOX. 


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