Series Premiere: The Last Man on Earth Review

Series Premiere: The Last Man on Earth Review

What would you do if you were the last person on earth? If you’re Phil Miller (Will Forte), the answer is destroy stuff and swear off pants. Also, lots of drinking. But, accepting the fact you are the living person would come with its own set of steps. Step one, denial. Step two, utter insanity.

The Last Man on Earth has a fine line to walk because the basis of its humor comes from a place that can turn heartbreaking on a dime. It may be fun to fantasize about having your run of the world, but I think most of us would break a lot sooner than Phil did.

But it’s lucky Phil held out as long as he did because, the moment he was about to end it all, God answered his prayers and sent him a woman. When the show’s premise was first announced I wondered how a show would work with only one person. But the answer was in the title all along.

The last man on earth would obviously need the last woman on earth to hang out with. Will these two neo-Adam and Eve succeed in repopulating the earth? Not likely, because, after two years of begging for human interaction, Phil was over it pretty quickly after meeting Carol (Kristen Schaal). This would be called premise.

The success of The Last Man on Earth rests entirely on Will Forte and Kristen Schaal’s shoulders. If you don’t find them funny or likable there is no reason to watch. Luckily, they are more than up to the task. Their interactions are oddly charming and more importantly, funny. The Last Man On Earth has done the impossible, it found a way to make the mismatched couple premise fresh.

Final Verdict: Worth a set DVR date at the very least.


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