The Blacklist Recap: The Decembrist

The Blacklist Recap: The Decembrist

Spoiler Alert: Do not read if you haven’t seen The Blacklist Season 2, Ep. 8 – “The Decembrist.”

The Blacklist is like the most frustrating Russian nesting doll. Every time it narrows in on a master criminal its revealed there’s an even bigger, more evil master criminal beneath him. I don’t argue that The Blacklist needs an over-arching mystery as through line, but given the strength of the villains of the week, I think the writers could find a satisfying way to wrap up one big bad before taking on the next.

And by wrap up I don’t been kill without taking the time to answer any of the questions you spent all last season posing.

When The Blacklist began it was a simple, if edgy, episodic crime drama with the mystery of the two main characters’ connection at its heart. But The Blacklist bought into their own hype a little too hard. Now there’s Berlin and The Decembrist and Tom and the fulcrum and too many father/daughter red herrings to count. It’s too much. Its like the show thinks that if they throw enough random information at us we won’t realize that there has been no forward movement in the Red/Liz storyline in well over a season and a half.

And it’s a shame because The Blacklist is one of the best-written shows on network television and had the ability to reverse some of the negative connotations that come with the designation of “network.” But that potential dwindles more and more with each twist they add.

The saddest part is, at the beginning of the episode, I was really excited about the idea of Alan Alda as the new counter point to Red. But then they went and blew that up, literally, and replaced him with… every one. Because now it’s revealed that Red possesses some “fulcrum” and the bad guys of the world are plotting to rise up and kill him for it.

And this still tells us nothing about why Berlin targeted Liz (ridiculously hard) to get to Red, what Tom’s real purpose was or who Red is to Liz.

They gave us a lot to processes and even more to speculate on. They also gave us plenty of time to do the processing and the speculating. See ya February!


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