American Horror Story: Freak Show Recap: Pink Cupcakes

American Horror Story: Freak Show Recap: Pink Cupcakes

Spoiler Alert: Do not watch if you if you haven’t seen American Horror Story: Freak Show Ep. 5 – “Pink Cupcakes.”

“It becomes a rite of passage to have a psychotic in the family. Jack the Ripper was a Windsor for God’s sake.” — Gloria

With the death of Twisty the stab happy clown Freak Show needed a new villain, luckily villains are never in short supply on American Horror Story.

Exhibit one, Stanley, the gay opportunist looking to kill the freaks so he can stuff them and mount them for his own profit. And that’s not the gay part. As anyone with half a brain cell would realize, the easiest way to get to the freaks is through Elsa and the easiest way to get to Elsa is to play to her vanity. Or you can skip the middleman and play to her jealousy.

Of course in playing to her jealousy you run the risk of losing the freaks entirely. Elsa Mars is not a woman to be trifled with. Case in point, Stanley showed a smidgen of interest in the twins and suddenly they’re being hand delivered to…

Exhibit two, stab happy clown part deux: Dandy (in his defense, with a name like Dandy he was never not going to be a psychopath). But instead of continuing his mentor’s tradition of clown killing, Dandy decided to put on some American Psycho drag and troll a gay bar. Solid choice, Dandy.

In other news, Jimmy needs to stop kissing every woman who’s mildly polite to him. Of course if he’d taken that advice before he got to Desiree she never would have found out she’s a full-blown woman, with just a hint of extra testosterone.

But while Desiree dreamed of babies Dell was getting his gay on with Matt Bomer. Half a second after Dell stormed off in a huff (aka the only way he leaves anywhere) Dandy was taking his place. And then Dandy got his murder on with Matt Bomer. Not the way most people would spend a night with Matt Bomer, but to each his own.

There’s no question that “Pink Cupcakes” was horrifying, from Stanley’s disturbing fantasies of dead freaks to Matt Bomer being amputated alive, but it was also the first episode that felt like there was too much story trying to cram its way into the hour. We have one killer, one aspiring killer, three aspiring stars and two kids just looking for love on the loose and to fit in all their arcs (as well Dell and Desiree’s baby drama and Frances Conroy being fabulous) we only got tiny snippets of each storyline cycled through at a dizzying pace. Freak Show is still leagues ahead of previous seasons (cough, Coven, cough), but it’s teetering on the edge.


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