The Blacklist Recap: The Front

The Blacklist Recap: The Front

Spoiler Alert: Do not read if you haven’t seen The Blacklist Season 2, Ep. 5 – “The Front.”

“Does the FBI do a Christmas party?” — Red

The Blacklist got their Da Vinci Code on this week with secret organizations and hidden maps in priceless works of art. There were also plague-ridden bones and master villain level plans to release the plague to kill off all of humankind. Its crazy how much information The Blacklist can cram into its case of the week and how little it reveals in the mystery of Red, his daughter and how they relate to Liz.

Honestly, in a world where an actual extremist group broadcasts beheadings on the regular a group digging up ancient bones to release the plague seems a little… silly. The idea of terrorists using biological warfare is real and terrifying enough, but the inclusion of the mythology and hidden map tips it into ridiculous.

Plus as soon as Samir and Liz were exposed it was obvious the cure would be found. So there was little drama to be wrought from their brief quarantine. But that’s ok because you’re not here to discuss the finer points of the plague storyline. You want to talk about the deepening bond between Red and Liz and WHAT IT ALL MEANS!

Unfortunately I don’t know what any of it means. Red was so desperate to track down a girl, implied to be his daughter, but never confirmed, he used both his criminal and his legal resources. Liz was jealous of (who she assumes is) his daughter, but not enough to tell him what she’s hiding behind her big creepy door (cough*Tom*cough).

Red’s tracker buddy finally managed to find the girl in question, Zoe Dantonio, and she does bear a resemblance to Liz. Does that mean something? Everything? Nothing? Perhaps next week will tell us. Just kidding! Like I said, for a show that can clearly fit in a ton of information when it feels the urge, this particular mystery is dragging out at an infuriating pace.

Oh, and now there’s some mystery key the hippie chick was hiding in a bottle hanging from a tree. Will the mysteries ever cease?


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