Scandal Recap: Like Father, Like Daughter

Scandal Recap: Like Father, Like Daughter

Spoiler Alert: Do not read if you haven’t seen Scandal Season 4, Ep. 4 – “Like Father, Like Daughter.”

“I don’t have time for jokes; Rowan is trying to kill me.” — Jake

The Grant women sure do have interesting ways of coping with their grief. While Mellie found solace by eating chicken and swearing off pants, Karen decided getting wasted and Eiffel Towering (warning, do not google this if you’re at work) dudes on camera would fix everything. They say there’s no wrong way to grieve, but even they might have some issues with this route. Good thing OPA isn’t above physically threating teenagers. Bad thing, the teenager’s parents aren’t above blackmailing the president.

But you don’t call the president’s daughter a dirty little slut without invoking the wrath of Olivia Pope. And the wrath of Olivia Pope is a fabulously vicious thing to behold. All her speech lacked was a mic drop and a double bird exit.

But, because Mellie has spent the last two months in a cloud of her own grief, she was actually perfectly equipped to deal with the inappropriate manifestations of her daughter’s grief. She reverted back to cold, bitchy Mellie for a moment, but good mother Mellie might actually be the best Mellie yet.

Silver lining, Karen’s sexcapades meant Fitz and Olivia finally got some quality face time. Now, one could argue that squashing your daughter’s sex tape doesn’t exactly set the mood, but never discount the power of Olitz. Of course, if your slutty daughter doesn’t ruin the mood than learning about your mistress’ boyfriend certainly will.

When Papa Popes promises to stand over your dead body he wastes no time getting to it. Thank goodness for rainy nights and reflective pavement. But Rowan has certainly underestimated his advisory. He may be command, but so was Jake and he will not go quietly or easily.

Luckily, he didn’t have to hold out for too long; an internal investigation narrowed in on Tom Larson. And who did Tom reach out to in his hour of need? Jake. Too bad, Fitz was still all pissy about the island. Also too bad that Rowan knows EVERYTHING. Jake is good, but Rowan is the best. Mic drop. Double bird. BYE.

Meanwhile, Cyrus is still sickeningly stupid. When has a relationship with a hooker ever worked out well for anyone? This ain’t Pretty Woman, Beene.


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