The Blacklist Recap: Monarch Douglas Bank

The Blacklist Recap: Monarch Douglas Bank

Spoiler Alert: Do not read if you haven’t seen The Blacklist Season 2, Ep. 2 – “Monarch Douglas Bank.”

“The copper mine will have to wait. We’re going to Warsaw.” — Red

One of the best parts of The Blacklist is its ability to be a gritty crime drama while also inhabiting a comic book world where every super villain uses the same bank and you can get from New York to Warsaw back to New York in an afternoon. That’s a hard line to straddle, but The Blacklist makes it look easy.

But this particular installment didn’t have its usual monster of the week. Instead the more episodic parts of the show were focused on what appeared to be the robbery of said super villain bank. The twist, however, it wasn’t a robbery at all but a rescue mission.

When a bank deals exclusively in illegal transactions having a way to keep all those accounts secret is paramount. So what’s better than a woman with a photographic memory? The only problem is when that woman gets tired of helping fund terrorism.

But none of that really mattered anyway because the mastermind behind this week’s crime was Red himself. Since every criminal worth his salt had money in Monarch Douglas Bank, Berlin had his fortune hidden there, as well. So Red finagled his way into taking custody of The Formula, a.k.a. the woman with the photographic memory, and used her talents to leverage Berlin’s money for Red’s wife’s safe return.

There was a moment when it looked like Liz would throw a wrench into the plan with her pesky conscious, but in the end she allowed the money to be transferred and Mrs. Reddington was returned, relatively, unharmed.

But after their meeting at Cooney Island it doesn’t sound like this deal is a ceasefire between Red and Berlin. Red maintains that he didn’t kill Berlin’s daughter and Berlin maintains that he doesn’t believe him.

And what is going on in the Mystery of Raymond Reddington? Last season I got the distinct impression that Red’s daughter was killed while he was still a part of her life, but this week it was revealed that both his wife and daughter were placed into protective custody until the marshals lost track of them sometime in the 90s. His daughter is officially “unaccounted for.”

There are so many father/daughter relationships that need decoding, it’s hard to keep them all straight. Berlin believes his daughter was killed, Red’s daughter is officially missing and Liz is a daughter without a father. Cracktastic Theory: Berlin is Liz’s dad, because why not?

Red also planted Samar Navabi, the Assad agent who abducted him last week, inside the task force for some unknown, but surely illegal, reason and there is growing animosity between Red and Liz over a “source” of Liz’s who gave her information about Berlin’s banking habits. I know we’re only two episodes into the season, but there are already so many balls in the air its hard not to worry about when they all come crashing down.

Feel free to shout out your own theories in the comments. The most cracktastic will win a hearty thumbs up from yours truly.


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