The Blacklist Recap: Lord Baltimore

The Blacklist Recap: Lord Baltimore

Spoiler Alert: Do not read if you haven’t seen The Blacklist Season 2, Ep. 1 – “Lord Baltimore.”

Wouldn’t it be nice to live in a world where you have access to hellfire missiles to get what you want? Of course that means you’d also live in a world where paying off bounty hunters out to kill you is de rigueur. But its nice to know that no matter the world you live in, a drastic haircut is still the best way to get over a broken heart.

But in discussing The Blacklist it’s easiest to break it down into two categories.

First, Blacklister of the Week: The honor of the second season premiere villain went to Lord Baltimore, a bounty hunter renowned for his ability to use technology to find his targets. I’ll be honest, when watching The Blacklist I never quite know what’s going on until it’s happened. I hope that’s the point of the show and its not just that I’m devastatingly dense.

Anyway, Red assumed that Berlin had hired Lord Baltimore to find him, but through a series of confusing events it became clear that Lord Baltimore was actually targeting the former Mrs. Reddington, Naomi Highland, now in protective custody. It also became clear that, patriarchal titles aside, Lord Baltimore was actually a lady… well, two ladies sharing one body.

Being a criminal mastermind with dissociative identity disorder does have its perks (like the ability to completely forget you’re a criminal mastermind when being interrogated by the police), but it also seems like it would be a problem. Especially if you can’t control when you switch personalities. But clearly in the case of Lord Baltimore it was going swimmingly until Red and those meddling kids came along.

But before the truth was discovered, Lord Baltimore managed to spirit Naomi away and deliver her to Berlin. Which brings us to category two.

The Mystery of Red/Berlin and How Liz Figures Into It: When trying to figure out what Berlin wants with Red and what Red wants with Liz anything could be a clue.

I don’t recall being properly introduced to Berlin last season, but this season he has been very much revealed. And he has a hook. It takes a truly evil person to lose a hand and decide a hook is the best replacement. Luke Skywalker doesn’t have a hook. Jamie Lannister pushed a kid out a window and even he doesn’t have a hook.

Berlin clearly has a vendetta against Red and will stoop as low as torturing Red’s estranged wife just to get at him. In the final moments of the show Red received a package from Berlin that contained a burner cell for late night chatting, Naomi’s finger and the promise that she would be returned to Red piece by piece just like Berlin’s daughter.

Obviously, Red is a criminal. There’s no denying that. But hacking up someone’s daughter doesn’t exactly sound like him and its hard to ignore yet another father/daughter component to this story. Whether it truly means anything to the larger mystery at play here remains to be seen.

Red also convinced Harold to come back to the task force; was found and taken by Moaasad agent and promptly bailed out; and Elizabeth most certainly is being watched, my guess, by Tom.

What does it all mean? What, if anything is relevant? Who knows? Certainly not us, not for a while at least, but for now its just good to be back.


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