AHS: Coven Review - The Replacements

AHS: Coven Review - The Replacements

Spoiler Alert: Do not read if you haven’t seen American Horror Story: Coven Season 3, Ep. 3 – “The Replacements”.

“This coven doesn’t need a new supreme. It needs a new rug.” – Fiona


Ok, she was only in the house for about two minutes and none of that time was spent singing or devouring half the scenery we know she’s capable of, but she was in the house nonetheless.

Theater nerd rant over let the actual recap begin.

If last week was all about driving home a message this week was all about freaking us the hell out. AHS has some issues with attempting message driven story lines, but they certainly don’t have any problems being freaky.

Its hard to say which imagery was the more disturbing Kyle’s incestuous reunion with his mother or Queenie’s attempt at light bestiality. I think I’ll go with Kyle and his mom because incest, but even given that depravity Kyle bashing his mom’s head in shot straight to number three on the list of things I didn’t need to see on a Wednesday night.

But while all this craziness was going on the only storyline actually getting advanced was Fiona’s. We were treated to a flashback with a baby Fiona not yet versed in the art of owning a room. She bantered with the reigning supreme about her own burgeoning powers. Then she slit her mentor’s throat because who wants to wait around for power to be transferred when you can just take it and get to being the baddest bitch in the room right now?

But back in the present day Fiona was the one in failing health, which could only mean that the next supreme was coming into her powers. She saw that Madison’s powers were escalating and made the assumption that the screen queen was the next supreme (rhyming unintended, but appreciated).

So the aging witch with a youth obsession and a manic need for power took the young girl under her wing to train her in the arts of being generally awesome and witchy. Just kidding! She slit her throat and wrapped her up in a rug. Old habits die hard.

But, are we really convinced that Madison was the next supreme? The former supreme mentioned that many young witches show signs of many powers, but it takes mastering the Seven Wonders to be named the true supreme. We saw Fiona test Madison with a few tricks, but it certainly wasn’t seven. I think perhaps someone was a bit too anxious for a quick fix to dying.

Final thought; is anyone else keeping their fingers crossed that Stevie Nicks will make a cameo as the grand supreme to rule all supremes, or is that just me?


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