Mel Gibson's Guilty Plea and Never-Ending Hypocrisy

Just when you had enough of the drama from Charlie Sheen and his unpredictability, Mel Gibson does the unthinkable. The 55 year old actor, who has aged significantly faster than any President during a 4 year term, plead no contest to a simple battery in order to avoid jail time. This is a lesser charge than than corporal injury on a spouse which he orginally faced. Gibson’s likely punishment will be probation and counseling. These charges relate to an altercation between Gibson and his ex-girlfriend and mother of his 17 month old daughter, Oksana Grigorieva. Gibson admitted in writing to slapping Grigorieva on the cheek because she was allegedely hysterical.

Gibson’s attorney, Blair Berk, released a self-serving statement on behalf of Gibson claiming that Gibson wanted to avoid a media circus and do what was in the best interests of his daughter, Lucia. Gibson also stated that protracted litigation would cause a strain on his family with ex-wife, Robin. The glaring hypocrisy of the foregoing statement lies in Gibson’s next move with respect to Grigorieva. Gibson is still pursuing his extortion case against Grigorieva who allegedly demanded $15 million from him during the custody case not to disclose audio tapes of his angry outbursts and threats. Really now. So, according to Gibson, the apparent media circus and impact on his family will be minimized by an extortion case filled with fun and frolic including Gibson’s infamous venomous rants. Taken to a logical extreme, Gibson believes it will be in the best interests of Lucia to find out when she is older that her mother put a price on Lucia’s well being.

Well, at least Sheen had an excuse…Sheen’s crisis management publicist quit prior to Sheen’s modest declaration that he was “winning” and at the same time losing custody of his newborn twins. Unfortunately, Gibson has no excuse and will always be a narcissistic hypocrite.


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