Schuhmann: Brewer's Shutting Down D-Wade in the ECF

Schuhmann: Brewer's Shutting Down D-Wade in the ECF

Dwyane Wade’s numbers are considerably worse with Ronnie Brewer on the floor through Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals, John Schuhmann found (

In the series, Wade is shooting just 5-for-15 (33 percent) from the field, including 0-for-7 from midrange with Brewer on the floor. He’s shooting 16-for-35 (46 percent) with Brewer on the bench. This is a continuation of Brewer’s success in defending Wade in the regular season, when Wade shot 38 percent with Brewer on the floor and 54 percent with him on the bench.
dwade splits brewer onoff.png

It’s a tiny sample, but Wade’s had much more success against Keith Bogans:

dwade splits bogans onoff.png
And Wade’s lickin’ his chops when Kyle Korver‘s on the court:
dwade splits korver onoff.png
That said, Bogans was the only of the Bulls’ three shooting guards to hold Wade under his averages at all in their three regular season matchups with Korver a whopping minus-24.3 points per 36 minutes in 43 minutes with Wade on the court:

dwade splits bogans onoff reg.png

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