Catch n' Shoot: December 14, 2010

  • Dennis Rodman for 2011 Hall of Fame Class is on Facebook. Like it! Scottie Pippen wrote an article for supporting his bid.
  • Let’s get this out of the way: the MVP “conversation” doesn’t extend far past Dirk Nowitzki and Deron Williams. Only as far as Dwight Howard and Amar’e Stou_emire. Amar’e’s team matches up so bad against good teams, they probably won’t win enough, but they’re a near bottom feeder without him. Dewey’s defense anchors Orlando’s top three defense, so he stays there. After all of those words and what Dirk/D-Will are doing, there just isn’t enough time for extending the conversation past those four names right now without watering it down. Therefore: Derrick Rose doesn’t contribute to the “MVP conversation” at the moment.
  • The Mavs’ (19-5) 12-game winning streak was snapped by the Bucks (10-13) in Dallas 103-99, led by Brandon Jennings’ 23-10 double-double and Andrew Bogut’s 21-14 double-double and three players scoring in double figures off the bench. Dirk scored 30 on 12-for-24 shooting. Caron Butler was brick-tastic, scoring nine on only 4-for-11 shooting, missing all four three-point attempts, including the potential game-tying shot. The Bucks were down 88-83 and lit up for 17 straight points with killer defense in the final minutes. Shooting 9-for-13 on threes didn’t hurt either.

    I had the Bucks as the fourth or fifth best in the East coming into the season. Their three-game winning streak after a terrible start has them five back of the division-leading Bulls and eighth in the conference. The Pacers losing two straight has them only one game in front of the bucks for the seven seed.

  • The Heat’s (18-8) winning tear was extended to nine games — all by double digits — beating the Hornets (14-10) in Miami 96-84. The Big Three were huge: D-Wade scored a game-high 32 — 20 in the third quarter after being down 54-53 at the half — on 8-for-13 shooting and 14-for-17 at the FT line; Bosh had a 23-11 double-double; LeBron had an off game with 20 pts on 6-for-16 shooting and only 7 ast with 5 TOs, but this awesome circus shot from behind the basket that almost made Twitter explode for a minute:

    The Heat are now a full game in front of the Magic (16-8) and 2.5 behind the conferce-leading Celtics (19-4).

    The Hornets continue to struggle after starting 11-1 for their ninth loss in 12 since. The D remains strong, but shooting 41.8% from the field, 7.7% hitting only 1-of-13 on threes won’t cut it. David West finally got back to having a big game with a 26-12 double-double, but CP3 was shut down to 11 pts and 5ast. Outside of LeBron’s 5, only one other trnver was forced, though. (Box Score)

  • When in his 13th NBA season, the Celtics player who ranks 3rd in the franchise history in scoring, 7th in games played, 5th in minutes, etc. discovers there’s a Knicks-Celtics rivalry, there’s no such thing as a Knicks-Celtics rivalry. Just something made up out of thin air by New Yorkers to make themselves relevant in sector of the world where they’re meaningless.
  • Deron Williams had a 30-10 double-double in the Jazz (18-8) 108-95 win over GSW (8-18). C.J. Miles had 20 off the bench, but Al Jefferson only had 13 pts, hitting all 5 FTAs, but only shot 4-for-13 and grabbed 8 rbs. Monta Ellis has 7 TOs being held to only 16 pts. Ekpe Udoh and Jeremy Lin both had trillions for GSW. (Box Score)

    GSW’s lost 7 straight, 12 of the last 13. Take away shooting 11-for-25 on threes, they had 19 TOs and shot 21-for-56 (37.5%) and 20-for-31 at the FT line.

  • Zach Randolph had a 25-20 double-double in an other ugly game where the Teddy Bears (11-14) beat the Fail Blazers (12-13) 86-73. Brandon Roy had 7pts on 3-for-16 shooting, bricks on all four 3P attempts, 5rbs, 5ast in 38 MINUTES! Dude, seriously, stop playing and get healthy. Sean Marks almost had a five trillion, but had 2 rbs and managed to get three fouls. Greivis Vargas had four fouls in 15 minutes — maybe still shell shocked from this. (Box Score)

    Also: Tony Allen’s quote of the year prospect: “It ain’t Chinese algebra. If you get stops, and you execute on offense, normally that teams
    wins.” Chinese algebra?

  • Andrew Bynum says he’s “definitely playing” against the DnD’s Tuesday.
  • Dwight Howard is “retired for life” from the slam dunk exhibition.
  • The Teddy Bears continue to deny O.J. Mayo or Haseem Thabeet are on the trading block.

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