Catch n' Shoot: December 13, 2010

Catch n' Shoot: December 13, 2010
  • No preview here for Monday’s Bulls-Pacers matchup. Read Matt McHale’s here.
  • The Heat have a “reward system” to decide who runs the offense. “If
    Dwyane Wade grabs a defensive rebound, he has the green light to do
    whatever he wants offensively. If LeBron James makes a defensive stop,
    he controls his own game on the other end of the court,” Joseph Goodman reported at The Miami Herald. (h/t: Mark Miller)

    D-Wade’s thoughts: “[Coach] said, `If y’all get stops, if y’all get rebounds, then y’all can do whatever y’all want,’ so as players we enjoy that. When the ball goes through the basket, then we’ve got to do what he wants us to do.”

    People who default to the authoritarian mindset of coaching, their bias against the Big Three signing in Miami, or halfcourt purists are going to hate this no matter what. I’m not sure what I think about this and only don’t call it stupid off the bat because this isn’t a bad way — in the meta sense — to encourage stops plus creating higher-percentage scoring opportunities in transition from some of the best transition players in the game. I have some bad news for the default haters: just about every coach does this in one way or another.

    “We start with defense and if we get stops, then it’s open court for us,” LeBron said.

    Saturday: Heat (17-8) blew out the Queens (5-16) in Suxcramento 104-83, led by: D-Wade’s game-high 36 pts; LeBron’s 25 pts, 10 rbs; and Bosh’s 14 pts, 17 rbs. Miami dominated the glass 57-36.

  • Saturday: The Celtics (19-4) won their 10th straight on the season in Charlotte (8-16) 93-62. Leave it to a Larry Brown team to simultaneously hold Boston to 93 pts, get shot of the gym, and be so brick-tastic to barely break 60 on the scoreboard. Plenty of reasons for M-Jeff to take dip in a barrel of something fermented for a week or two. (Box Score)

mj rout celtics.jpg

“Maybe I should bring back the Hitler ‘stache for good luck.”

  • Sunday: The Spurs (20-4) became the first NBA team to 20 wins this season with a blowout over the Fail Blazers (12-12) 95-78. It’s the Spurs’ 5th straight. Brandon Roy had 9 pts on 4-for-16 shooting…. Dude, you’re hurt. Go join the rest of your team in street clothes. (Box Score)
  • Saturday: Dallas (19-4) beat the Jazz (17-8) 103-97 for their 12th straight win behind Dirk Nowitzki’s 31-15 double-double on 10-for-12 shooting, despite Deron Williams’ 34 pts and 6 ast. Al Jefferson’s brick-tastic 4-for-14 shooting night and AK47’s 4 TOs were likely a factor.
  • Sunday: Hats off to the Knicks (16-9) for beating the Nuggets (14-9). From the AP recap: “Winning for the 13th time in 14 games, the Knicks have won eight straight
    for the first time since Dec. 27, 1994-Jan. 13, 1995. At 16-9, they are off to
    their best start after 25 games since they were 18-7 in 1996-97.” Classic Mike Antoni against “the _enver Nuggets of old” for the 129-125 win, while getting out-rebounded 43-33, led by Amar’e Stou_emire’s 30 pts to break a franchise record with his 8th straight game with 30+ pts. My boy, Wilson Chandler dropped 27 pts — 5-for-9 on threes — and seven rbs continuing career-high paces with a wider-‘opener’ range.

    ‘Melo had a 31-13 double-double, Ty Lawson continues to be Ty Lawson with 18 pts on 6-for-7 shooting, and Chauncey continues to Chauncey with 4 pts on 1-for-7 shooting. (Box Score)

  • Sunday: The Hornets (14-9) lost to the damn 29ers (8-15) 88-70. Nawlins as a team only had 4 ast… FOUR! Even with Chris Paul, that’s what happens when the team shoots 30.4%. Outside of CP3 scoring 25 on 8-for-11 shooting, the team made 16 total FGs to shoot 23.5%. (Box Score)

    Nawlins only shot 1-for-20 in the second quarter to go 14% in the first half, which looked like this on the scoreboard:

    nawlins 29ers 1h.jpg

    After starting 11-1, Nawlins has lost 8 of 11 and sold the team to the NBA. I smell contraction-baiting.

  • Sunday: The Staples Center Red Team (5-20) is a legit group of run-stoppers.
    They stop opponents’ losing runs. The Magic (16-8) came into Sunday’s
    game with a four-game losing streak. Guess what happened….

    In only 25 minutes, Dewey had 22 pts on 8-for-11 shooting and 8 rbs. 22 pts on 8 FGs because he went 6-for-13 on threes
    at the FT line. Blake Griffin had 27 pts, 16 rbs, and 5 ast for his
    12th straight double-double — 18th of the season — and his 3rd game of
    25/15/5 this season, excluding a performance with 35/14/7. Him and Eric
    Gordon combined for 55 pts. Unfortunately, the Scissors got rocked to
    combine for only 85 pts on 38% shooting. (Box Score)

  • Sunday: The Clown College Crapaliers (7-17) lost their 8th straight on the season to the Thunder (17-8) 106-77. OKC’s won 3 straight since losing to the Bulls a week ago and are now tied for 1st with Utah in the Northeast Division.
    The Cavs were led by Anthony Parker’s — wait for it! — 12 pts, Boobie
    Gibson’s 11, and (Bueller!) that’s all I got for Cavs who scored more
    than ten Sunday night. This is the Cavs’ longest losing streak since LeBron’s rookie year. (Box Score)

    Over/under on how many ________-est’s “since LeBron’s rookie year” or
    “the season before LeBron’s rookie year” we’ll see this season?

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