The 10 Worst Haircuts of All-Time

Haircuts differ from Hairstyles in a few ways. A hairSTYLE is a type of haircut- a buzzcut, perm, jheri curl, mullet, combover, etc. I define a hairCUT as something more individualized- like Donald Trump or Dog the Bounty Hunter.

Today you get the 10 Worst Haircuts of All-Time. On Monday, I will present the 10 Worst Hairstyles of All-Time.


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  • Hey, leave the Captain alone! I always thought he was cool, because he tried to look hip. Now Donald the Trump has been an abomination for a long time(and so has his hair.......ooooh, zing!)And I agree with you about Bolton. Dont be so hard on Billy Ray, hes got enough problems with his white trash daughter out of control.

  • Rick James was lovely! Thank you for the post...

  • Donald trump looks always looks disgruntled . You would never know he is a millionaire.

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