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Why you should turn on two-factor authentication

For today’s Works for Me Wednesday I am sharing one of my most basic pieces of computer security advice: Enable two-factor authentication (a.k.a. two-step verification) on every account you can. Two-factor authentication is a simple way to prevent someone else from getting access to your accounts. I’ve written about this before (including here, here, and here),... Read more »

3 favorite holiday cookie recipes and a make-ahead appetizer recipe

For today’s Works for Me Wednesday I am sharing some of the holiday recipes that work for me. I have many favorite recipes that I make every year. The three favorite holiday cookie recipes that I’m sharing below were chosen primarily because they are the ones that are available online, but there are truly among... Read more »

Works for Me: Q&A a Day journal for kids

Works for Me: Q&A a Day journal for kids
I’ve written before about my line-a-day journal. I’m now in my 5th year of entering a one line journal entry for each day, and it continues to work with me. Not only have I been able to keep it up, but I love seeing the previous years’ entries for that day. I love it so... Read more »

Works for me: Giving myself a break sometimes

I foolishly started a new blog series Works for Me Wednesdays right before a holiday week. I actually thought of that when I started it, but I didn’t want to wait two weeks. Now, here I am with a lot on my pre-holiday to do list, and no second post for my brand new series.... Read more »

Works for Me: Sticky Note To Do List

This is the first post in a new series I’m calling “Works for Me Wednesdays.” On most Wednesdays, I’ll share tips, products, and services that work to make my life easier, entertaining, or somehow better. I’ll start with my to do list strategy. As I’ve gotten older I have more things to do and less... Read more »