A Response to the "Opinionated Woman" and her solution to the pandemic

Chicagonow.com writer, Judy Marcus, has her solutions to the Covid-19 pandemic. Fair enough. What bothered me more than the emotional take of the article were some of the comments below her article that suggested that medical treatment should be withheld from the unvaccinated, no matter what their reason for not getting the shot.

I posted a long response to her article. It wasn’t published as of yet. I doubt it will be. Maybe it’s too long. That’s okay. I only hope Judy Marcus reads some of the cited articles and tries for a more reasonable approach to a shot that is far from safe and not as effective as promised.

Here is the response:

Where to start?

1. Vaxxed people are just as big or bigger spreaders of the virus.

2. More vaxxed are hospitalized and, in Israel, are dying, especially over the age of 60.  

ICU capacity, Southern Illinois.  The region in question, Region 5,  has 58 beds, according to the IDPH, and now has 5 beds available out of those 78, and 221 out of 261 ventilators available.  The IDPH does not break down how many of those beds are Covid patients, but the non-use of ventilators suggests not 100%.

4. Number of Child Covid Deaths 5-18 yrs old  in the last 20 months: 387.  

5. Safety of vaccines?  According to the VAERS site, there have been 15224 deaths from the Covid vaccines and 726,965 adverse events, compared to 2152 deaths from ALL other vaccines reported since 1990 and 821,800 adverse events from ALL other vaccines since 1990.

6. Ivermectin.  Ivermectin was discovered in the 1970’s, and has been used as BOTH a human and a veterinary medicine, as have many other drugs.  https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3043740/
The discoverers of IVM were awarded the Nobel Prize for medicine for its use in HUMANS.  The Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, population 240 million, has reduced its Covid deaths to nearly zero using Ivermectin..https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/lucknow/aus-mp-up-smashed-delta-with-ivermectin/articleshow/84051286.cms

I understand you confusion over the facts as you may have a confirmation bias that leads you to review only news sources sympathetic to your politics, but facts are facts.  Not everybody can or should take these shots.  And, as we have seen, they are not effective in stopping the spread of the virus.  

What frightens me are the closet fascists who want to deny health treatment to those who are unvaxxed.  I wonder where they draw the line, as there is evidence that certain neurological diseases and cancers are caused by eating and exercise habits.  Will they have to prove their compliance before getting the latest dose of their med or cancer or heart disease treatment?  Where is the line?

And now all of you who have your shots, it appears that you are no longer “fully vaxxed,” as Anthony Fauci has recently redefined that to mean having a booster.  https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2021/09/28/covid-delta-variant-live-updates/

Unlike most of the progressive writers here on Chicagonow.com, all comments are welcome without my approval. Have at it.

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