"Cuba Libre" is more than a drink or an ice cream cone flavor, but freedom means nothing to Biden

"Cuba Libre" is more than a drink or an ice cream cone flavor, but freedom means nothing to Biden

Cuban are protesting. According to the Biden administration Cubans were protesting the lack of Covid treatment and vaccinations. Later, Biden was handed a more forceful statement to read which mouthed platitudes about standing with the Cuban people. Sure.

What the Cuban are mainly protesting is not a germ but a sickness. The sickness of socialism cum Communism, which the Biden administration finds endlessly attractive and determined to foist upon the United States.

At this time, many Cuban protesters have been detained and thrown into prison. IF any should happen to escape their tropical Gulag they will not be able to seek refuge in the United States. Instead, they will be “settled” in a third country to await the Cuban Communist assassins. Cuban refugees, unlike those currently streaming across the southern border, are not likely to vote Democrat, as they recognize the similarity between Democrats and Communists.

I’ve visited Cuba many times in the course of my work. It is a unique place, full of life and vitality and people who make the best of a sixty-year-old prison state.

On one trip in 2012, in the midst of the Obama reelection campaign, I had a hard time telling Obama’s platform from the daily status-quo in Cuba. It was a wake-up call.

One of the saddest things was one trip to the Havana Synagogue to drop off medical supplies for the clinic run from its doors. There a young man described the medical system. Yes, they had great doctors, but no equipment or medicines.

I was told by one Cuban friend about the snitch network in every neighborhood, the members of the so-called Committe for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR). They watched the neighborhood for people not toeing the Communist Party line. Those who deviated from group-think in any big way were questioned and often punished.

Another Yanque friend told of his experience of meeting a Cuban woman and spending time with her and how she was dragged in by the authorities for questioning.

Let’s compare this with the Biden administration’s recent announcement that those who send text messages or emails that are negative about the Covid vaccine will have those personal messages read and deleted. Let that sink in. Your anti-vax message to Cousin Tony will now be read by one of the alphabet intelligence agencies and deleted… for the safety of others.

Cubans are in the street protesting, carrying American flags (a crime in Cuba) and Biden is pooh-poohing it all, watching the effort drip away like a melting ice cream cone.


Because for Biden and the people running him your freedom is the sickness and the Democrat-Socialist Party is the cure.

As old Uncle Joe licks his Cuba Libre ice cream cone Cubans die. How much longer before Yanque Libre is the most popular flavor in the US?

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