Come on, Man! Would you do this to your senile father #2 ?

Come on, Man!  Would you do this to your senile father #2 ?

In another day Joe Biden will be in Crystal Lake, IL, on the road to promote his trillions in spending designed to ever in debt you children and grandchildren to crushing taxation,

The breathless questions from the Chicago and Illinois media will no doubt be about what flavor ice cream cone Joe is going to lick. If Joe happens to sniff a young girl’s hair that will assuredly not make the six-o’clock news.

Biden was shuffling along at a Cherry Orchard in Traverse City yesterday where he once again claimed that he will “get in trouble” for saying something. Who is going to be smacking the old coot around? Is Jen Psaki going to give him a circle-back punch? Hyena Harris? The eminent Doctor J. Biden? I guess Joe’s claim about him forgetting he is the president is true, so the most powerful man in the world lets himself be bitch-slapped by his Weekend at Bernie handlers.

Watch the video attached to this story and ask yourself if you would allow your senile father to be abused this way.

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