Where was "Mom" Lightfoot last night to turn the car around and send the "kids" home?

Where is “Mom” Lightfoot?

Last night,  July 17, 2020, throngs of protesters assembled in Grant Park to try to tear down the statue of Christopher Columbus with “Mom” Lightfoot nowhere to be seen.    They were not successful in toppling the statue, but there were clashes with police.

According to Block Club Chicago:

Police said 12 people were arrested and could face charges. They also reported 18 officers were injured, with some being treated on the scene and others taken to area hospitals

This picture, also from Block Club Chicago, shows a rather tight gathering around the statue, with no apparent social gathering.

Police and protesters clash near a statue of Christopher Columbus in Grant Park during a protest in support of Black and Indigenous people on July 17, 2020. | Colin Boyle/Block Club Chicago

Some may recall Mayor  Mom Lightfoot’s warning to Chicago of just a few days ago:

“Some of you have joked that I’m like the mom who will turn around the car around when you’re acting up,” Lightfoot said during a news conference. “No friends, it’s actually worse. I won’t just turn the car around. I’m going to shut it off. I’m going to kick you out. And I’m going to make you walk home.”

I didn’t seem  Mom Lightfoot out turning the car around there.

I’m betting I won’t see her later today or tomorrow telling the protesters they need to walk home.

She might be out soon, though,  to close the bars and restaurants to stop the spread of Covid-19.

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