Covid-19 Diary -- Spain & France Lockdown, Walk with the Dead-- March 14, 2020

Covid-19 Diary -- Spain & France Lockdown, Walk with the Dead-- March 14, 2020
Lockdown, Italy --

Today I only left the house to take a short drive…to nowhere.  It is cold today with snow flurries, so I couldn’t hike outside.  Make that, wouldn’t hike outside on this gray cloudy day.

The traffic was heavy.  People were out running normal errands and probably also stocking up on food and supplies.  The last roll of toilet paper in the city has been found and fought over and purchased by the lucky champion.

As I drove I listened on the radio to J.B. Pritzker, the governor of Illinois, voicing his disappointment that so many were out and about, especially younger people at the bars celebrating St. Patrick’s Day.  I take this to be a hint that, like Italy and now France and Spain, that in a very short time, all shops and restaurants and services will be closed by order of law and we will be under lockdown due to Covid-19.  This will probably be followed by orders to not leave your house unless it’s for food or emergencies or for necessary work.

I didn’t leave my car as I drove a route around my area, so no need to worry about decontamination, even though I did wash my hands when I got home.  I thought in the days ahead– if it is warm enough–where should I hike to avoid other people?  Usually, I can find some deserted spot in the Cook County Forest Preserves, but I have to conserve on gas as I expect to be out of work very soon.  I passed Holy Seplucure Cemetery and I had my answer. I would walk in the cemetery.  It is deserted.  For now.

Cemeteries are not my favorite places to hike or even visit, but for now, it seems like a good idea to get some fresh air and avoid crowds.  Fitting, too.  For the last two months, we have been whistling past the graveyard of the Novel Coronavirus and the ghoul is soon to be upon us.


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