Chicago's Countdown to Zero Population

Chicago's Countdown to Zero Population

People leaving Chicago didn’t begin yesterday and it won’t be over tomorrow. In fact, Chicago loses 156 people a day for various reasons, according to Bloomberg.

Populations can ebb and flow, but what I have noticed in looking up population stats over the years is that once the population drops it seldom comes back.

Think of it in rough terms: 156 people per day is about 75 houses full of people disappearing each day.  Imagine if 75 houses in your neighborhood disappeared overnight?  Or even 50 or 25.  You would notice.

I notice.

All over the south-side, there are vacant houses and boarded-up houses.  People gone.  Never to come back.

There are numerous reasons, from weather to cost of living.  It’s not good.  There is no way to put lipstick on this pig.

The upside?

A rough calculation determines that in 40 years about 2,277,600 people will have left Chicago.  That should mean that somebody with a few bucks should be able to buy up a choice lot on Michigan Avenue and have no neighbors and lakefront access.


Well, maybe.  But for those who have never spent any time in downtown Detroit, they wouldn’t think so.


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