Black Friday & Public Storage

Black Friday & Public Storage

Black Friday is ending,  a day created by marketing people to separate you from your money, but it is a day to celebrate for one group of people.

There were lots of deals out there, both online and in bricks and mortar stores. Buy it now before it’s too late.  Buy one and get two. Free delivery!

It never ends this time of year.

Over the last two decades, we don’t have a holiday season, we have the “holiday shopping season.”  The media are flooded with reports on how crowded the parking lots are, how many boxes of stuff Amazon shipped and the Post Office delivered and a breathless recounting by reporters about this Black Friday or Cyber Money compares to last year’s.

Whatever.  Buy until you drop.   The folks building storage units are betting on that.

They know there is the three-year itch.

The crap you had to have this year is causing your future self to trip as you stumble around in the den or basement or garage looking for something — and it has to go.


To storage, not in the trash…cuz you bought the damned thing and now it is…valuable. Or needed or so treasured that you have to sock it out of sight and off your property in a tin locker.    Check out what happens to the stuff you bought today, according to, a site that space-junkies read:

Amount of rentable self-storage space in the U.S.

2.311 billion square feet (Self-Storage Almanac, 2018)

Amount of rentable self-storage space per person in the U.S.

7.06 square feet per person (Self-Storage Almanac, 2018)

Percentage of U.S. households that rent a self-storage unit

9.4% of households. (SSA Self Storage Demand Study, 2017)

Average storage unit cost

The national average cost for all unit sizes is $91.14 per month, according to SpareFoot data. (2017)

The national average cost per square foot is $1.01 per month. (2017)

Below is the average national cost by storage unit size.


Unit size Average monthly cost (2017) $/sq.ft. Year-over-year change
5×10 $66.44 $1.28 5.46%
10×10 $99.57 $1.00 3.62%
5×5 $48.26 $1.93 6.53%
10×20 $140.80 $0.70 2.73%
10×15 $134.83 $0.90 9.6%



The group celebrating your purchases own storage units, which are being wedged into every open space in the city, suburbs and even in rural areas, where you would think there would be barns for storage.

It has to be a conspiracy between the storage unit business and stores.  Buy today, store tomorrow.


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