Have you seen "Trust Jesus" lately?

Have you seen  "Trust Jesus"  lately?
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For years someone spray painted “Trust Jesus” on the overpasses in Chicago and the Midwest.  Who was it?


      I-80 is a long and lonely stretch of road, cutting east and west across the United States.  That is where I first encountered my own personal “Trust Jesus”. Every so often it would be spray painted on the overpasses on the highway.  From a young age I found myself on the road as much as trucker due to work. That first sighting for me was in 1980. Then I noticed “Trust Jesus” closer to home, on CTA Buses and on the freight rail cars of the B&O Railroad.  Every so often I’d be stuck by a train only blocks from my house — coming and going and sometimes both– and “Trust Jesus” would float past, rocking to a fro on the rail car. It brought a sense of…peace. It was always the same handwriting.  Always.

    For years, I took “Trust Jesus” for granted.  I found the blue and sometimes black spray-painted message on many roads, from back roads in Illinois and Indiana and Iowa and on the Interstates.   I wasn’t alone in noticing, as you can read here.  Time and decades moved on and “Trust Jesus” was fading from view and in frequency.  There are a few places that it still exists, faded, but still there. 

    A few years ago I thought to search for “Trust” Jesus” on the internet.  I wondered if the “author” was ever identified. Apparently not. Nobody ever came forward and said, “That’s me. I’m tagging ‘Trust Jesus’ on public and private property. ”  Nobody apparently ever met the “author”  face to face. It’s taken on faith that he was either a trucker or salesman or an itinerant who found himself on the road and alone.

    Jesus is recorded as writing only once,  when he encountered a mob about to stone a woman for adultery and he wrote in the dust before the angry men. What Jesus wrote is lost to history, and so it appears is the author of “Trust Jesus”.   The conclusion of what Jesus wrote is that the mob –sinners all– faded away and the woman was saved.  How many sinners read the scrawled “Trust Jesus” and had maybe a mini salvation? 

Have you seen a recent “Trust Jesus”?  Search your memory.  Do you know who the author of “Trust Jesus” was?

Was it you?


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