Big or Small: How do you like your grocery store?

Big or Small: How do you like your grocery store?
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I’m not going to start this post with “when I was a kid”….

So… when I was a kid, grocery stores were magical places, usually because of the “electric eye” that opened and closed the doors.  I used to torture the one at the High- Low Store on South Western Avenue, running in and then running out and even pasting my hand over the little yellow light that did the magic.

Once I finally was forced inside by my mother it was an amazing collection of green things, which I learned later were vegetables,  and pieces of dead flesh, which I learned later tasted really better than the green things.

Over the years I’ve seen stores grow from house-sized to many- football field sized.  In a mega-store of today you could be years in hunting down some red bell peppers (not officially a green thing), and even need a GPS to find the check-out register.  I found my time and my expenses growing with each larger incarnation of a food market, so I have recently returned to the days of my youth.  I am going back to smaller stores.  Since most of the small groceries have disappeared, this means ethnic markets.  It also means a house-sized or smaller store, and it’s in and out and done.

There even used to be corner groceries and markets where I lived, but no more.  I still see them in neighborhoods in the city, but fewer and fewer.

I can no longer play hide-and-seek with the “electric eye”, as I would be arrested, so I haven’t entirely become a child again,  but I can get a good selection of green things and dead flesh at a much smaller store for a reasonable price.

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